Name of the CCDB-Organization’s Partners:

  1. Bread for the World-Germany
  2. Christian Aid-UK
  3. EED, Germany
  4. ICCO-Netherlands
  5. HEKS-Switzerland
  6. Hong Kong Christian Council
  7. Global Ministries-USA
  8. DIAKONIE-Germany
  9. European Union
  10. ACT Alliance-Geneva
  11. European Union in Consortium partnership with Dhaka Ashania Mission
  12. Christian Aid
  13. ICCO in partnership with Practical Action
  15. Swiss Interoperation Bangladesh
  16. Agriterra
  17. Cereal System Initiative of South Asia(CSISA)
  18. International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
  19. HarvestPlus
  21. Bangladesh Rice Research Institute (BRRI)v 22. Ministry of Communication (Bridge Division)
  22. Ministry of Communication (Roads and Highways Division)
  23. Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development(Engineering Department)
  24. Dhaka Transport Coordination Authority
  25. GIZ-Germany


CCDB-Organization’s National and International Networks.

CCDB is involved with National and International Networks, for national level policy advocacy campaigns on different issues. The National Networks includes

    1. National Council of Churches in Bangladesh (NCCB),
    2. Association of Development Agencies in Bangladesh (ADAB);
    3. National Girl Child Advocacy Forum;
    4. (iv) Rights to Water Forum;
    5. Network on Climate Change, Bangladesh;
    6. Right to Food;
    7. National Adibasi Coalition;
    8. Rights to Food Campaign;
    9. STD/HIV Network of Bangladesh;
    10. Bangladesh ACT Forum;
    11. National Coalition for the Rights of Indigenous People;
    12. Citizen’s Initiative on CEWAW;
    13. Campaign for Sustainable Rural Livelihood.


International Networks includes:

  1. ACT Alliance- Geneva;
  2. Association of Christian Institute of Social Concern of Asia (ACISCA);
  3. Regional Inter-Agency Partnership (RIAP);
  4. Local Capacity for Peace-South Asia.