Light House Creating Climate Resilient Communities- Bangladesh

Climate change and the breadth of the range of associated challenges are creating and are projected to create far severe adverse changes in human systems including economy, society and livelihood. Bangladesh is positioned at the top in the climate vulnerable country list & exposed to various climatic extremes; ensuring her sustainable development along with poverty & hunger eradication is largely depends on the country’s capacity to fight back against those challenges.

Considering the context, CCDB has been implementing The Lighthouse Project to build climate resilient communities since 2012 through innovative & efficient use of adaptation and mitigation options & technologies, adaptive livelihood options and community engagement. Climate Change Risk assessment, Integrated DRR & CCA approach, research and adaptation model development along with national and international experts, long term projects design are the major features of this project. “Building climate resilient communities” is the ultimate vision of the project


Working Approach

Lighthouse Project has developed "Community Climate Resilience Centre (CCRC)"- at each village with their own people where it operates. This apex body works for planning, provides capacity building supports, mobilize funds from community contributions & others to implement their planned & required activities in close collaboration with local government institutions.


Climate Change Risk Assessment: Project determined Climate Change Risk Score for each household through hazard and vulnerability assessment. Project also assessed physical vulnerabilities of the village and developed long term resilient plan along with the technical departments of Upazilla.

Climate Resilient Agriculture & Livelihood: The project works intensely to make agricultural sector more resilient to climate change through technology dissemination and model development. Adaptation is the key focus while some of them have mitigation co-benefits as well. The LHP also provides training and input supports to the high risk families to be adopted with alternative livelihoods as securing livelihood is an essence in building resilience against climate change and/or any other disasters.

Access to water: Various fresh water technologies have been installed under this project. For drinking water, the project has installed Rain water harvester (both Household and Community based), PSF, solar powered reverse osmosis plant (Desalination Plant), Thermal desalination panel etc. For irrigation water mini ponds & canals have been excavated or re-excavated. Project aims to strengthen the water resources management system through CCRC

Apart from these, the project is also providing support in Disaster Risk Reduction and capacity building. Along with low carbon development initiatives, the light house project is also working in building awareness through various advocacy events and programmes.