Climate Change Unit From Vulnerability Towards Climate Smartness & Resilience  


In January 2015, CCDB has established a dedicated Climate Change Unit in partnership with the Bread for the World (BftW). The Climate Change Unit is expected to contribute to fill the gaps in knowledge and programmatic interventions through research, capacity development, advocacy and innovation. The CCDB Climate Change Unit believes that local experiences derived from completed or ongoing projects will serve as start-of point for adding value to well established concepts in  various fields of intervention. Innovative inputs from national and international think tanks will help to develop viable concepts in coping with the challenges posed by continuously intensifying negative impacts of climate change. However, climate change impacts will also create opportunities in transforming the traditional resource-intensive development model to a resource-efficient one. In this regard, it is equally important to document the best practices for scaling up, as it is to explore new solutions. The CCDB Climate Change Unit aims at ensuring this balance through its research and capacity building initiatives.



Recent Activities, News, Highlights and Links

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