Human Chain to Address Water Crisis in Bandarban

Since three decades, CCDB has been working in the area of Bandarban. From 2009  onwards CCDB formed 14 Upazila and Union Networks, and these Network are taking advocacy initiatives to gain the advantages and services from the government and non- government agencies. So far the network achieved many benefits and services from local non-government agencies and departments such as ensuring electricity supply in remote areas, water supply project in hilly areas, construction of roads and bridges, establishment of temples and met agricultural needs. However, at present, scarcity of water in the region has led the Forum Upazila Network members to organize a human chain event to address the water crisis on 21st June 2017 at 10:00 am, in front of the Press Club area. The main issues of the human chain were to stop the collection of stones from the streams and preservation of forests and increase afforestation. Participants in the event carried posters, placards, banner to create awareness regarding the destructive activities which are creating scarcity of water supply as well as environment degradation. Both local and national media highlighted the advocacy initiative by the Forum Upazila Networks.